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Old-Fashioned Standoff

Jenkins adds Gund, Axalta products to its distribution

Jenkins Electric, the Charlotte-based industrial, electromechanical repair, test and manufacturing company, has expanded its distribution and e-commerce offering to include The Gund Company's standoff insulators and Axalta's Voltatex impregnating resin.

Gund Company standoff insulators, in red, can be seen here molded in place.—Gund Co. photo

Offering a variety of standoff insulators as well as impregnating resin in the online store at "gives customers the ability to shop 24/7 with products in-stock, same-day shipping and no minimums," a March 17 Jenkins press release said, adding that the The Gund Company standoff insulators and Axalta varnish and resin expands its ecommerce distribution of products that are 'Jenkins approved' via in-house engineer testing and review.

Axalta Voltatex impregnating resins.—Axalta photo

"Jenkins approved products will continue to be essential to our own repair services, while the ability to offer these products to other repair shops in the quantities they need is why people say, Just Call Jenkins. Over our long history, we've built a company and culture that we're proud of. This is evident in the addition of these products that we use in our own day-to-day work," said Iain Jenkins, Jenkins President.

The Gund Company Standoff Insulators Standoff Insulators from The Gund Company are ideal for use in supporting bus bars or other live electrical components. Manufactured from UL recognized fiberglass reinforced, flame resistant, thermoset polyester molding compound, these components exhibit strong mechanical and electrical insulating properties.

Voltatex® Impregnating Resins by Axalta Voltatex® Impregnating Resins are used in insulation systems for electric motors, large machines, fast revolving rotors, hermetic motors, and transformers. The Voltatex® product line offers a full range of low emission, ready-to-use impregnating resins.

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