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On Wings of Godfrey

Company marks 75th anniversary with new VPI advancements

VPI (vacuum pressure impregnation) specialists Godfrey & Wing recognize the seventy-fifth anniversary of its business in 2023. The company is the one of the leading global providers of vacuum impregnation services, equipment, and sealants for the automotive, aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial industries. Godfrey & Wing is marking this milestone by recognizing the vital role of the vacuum impregnation process in present and future manufacturing.

From its modest origins in 1948 in Cleveland, Ohio, Godfrey & Wing has now become one of the world’s leading vacuum impregnation providers, with a footprint spanning North America, Europe, and Asia.

It’s grown through true innovation by following its mantra “Simply Better”. This has guided the company to "re-imagine and re-engineer vacuum impregnation to make it faster, cleaner, and easier to use than ever before," per its website. Today, the company serves customers through hundreds of program approvals and equipment installations worldwide.

In recent years, the company has entered projects with major OEMs and suppliers to provide vacuum impregnation technology for applications ranging from electric vehicle battery pack assemblies, graphite, and ceramics. Here is an example of one of G&W's latest applications. These projects and capabilities underscore the ongoing need for the vacuum impregnation process as manufacturing evolves in the twenty-first century.

“As the global economy continues to grow, vacuum impregnation will be more critical than ever,” said Alexander Alford, CEO. “Godfrey & Wing is well positioned to provide solutions as key trends, such as electric vehicles, continue to transform global manufacturing. Our first 75 years will serve as a springboard to our next 75 years.”

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