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Plant Fire in Georgia

Glynn County and others near Savannah evacuated

A fire broke out at the Symrise Colonel Island production site in southeastern Georgia November 7, stemming from what the company called "an incident in chemical production for fragrance ingredients". While the fire triggered evacuations and alarm in the area (and made national headlines), Symrise assured the public in a statement the next day that the fire caused no danger for employees and residents, and that fire brigades were "always in control of the situation."

"Yesterday, a fire had broken out at the Symrise production site Colonel Island," Symrise said in a November 8 statement on its website. "The production facility manufactures fragrance ingredients. No employees got harmed and no danger to residents existed. Local fire brigades and police have obtained control of the situation on site."

"The fire broke out during yesterday’s early morning hours. The reason will be investigated in detail in the coming days. Firefighters, police, and local authorities promptly arrived at the scene of the incident. As a preventive measure, the employees and neighborhood had been asked to shelter in place."

The fire occurred during the regular production hours for the manufacture of fragrance ingredients, and risks to the health of employees and residents were "quickly ruled out." The evacuation has since been lifted again and the fire has been completely extinguished. Environmental damage can also be ruled out, the company added. Symrise is reportedly collaborating closely with the local authorities and is helping them to determine the cause of the fire.

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