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New software from ABB for field information management and more

ABB's Ability Field Information Manager (FIM 3.0) has been upgraded to offer system engineers and maintenance teams increased connectivity and extended reach across the latest communication protocols, per a December 7 press release from the Zurich-based industrial-tech conglomerate. The result is "enhanced operational efficiency thanks to the digital solution enabling faster, more intuitive configuration, commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance of devices," ABB said in an email to Electrical Apparatus.

Providing heightened performance and diagnostic data collection of fleets of devices, the latest version of FIM 3.0 leverages OPC UA and PA-DIM to transport data from field devices to cloud-based condition monitoring solutions. In doing so it helps customers achieve smarter maintenance and enhances their engineering efficiency. New asset management capabilities which include increased device condition monitoring pave the way to predictive maintenance.

“In the era of Industry 4.0, ABB Ability Field Information Manager empowers businesses to embrace digital transformation, ensuring flexibility, efficiency, and competitiveness across their fleet of devices,” said Stefan Basenach, Head of Process Control Platform, ABB. “With its future-proof capabilities, it helps customers enhance operational efficiency while remaining relevant as industry standards evolve”.

ABB’s enhanced FIM 3.0 software serves as the bridge between IT and OT to enable data-driven decision making. Offering a wider range of connectivity options for ASi-5, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, HART IP, and HART, FIM 3.0 fits into any existing system landscape for increased plant agility. Strengthened Ethernet-APL support ensures market relevance well into the future. 

ABB's Ability Edgenius Operations Data Manager further extends FIM 3.0 capabilities by enabling the collection and management of data from OPC UA making valuable information accessible for edge and cloud-based applications. Offering advanced fleet management capabilities, simplifying the monitoring and maintenance of field devices across multiple locations.

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