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New Illinois state law reflects the EV Effect

As the calendar flips to the new year, certain places reflect the "EV Effect", if you will, more than others. Take Illinois, for example, where you'll need to consider electric vehicles if you plan on building a new property. A recently enacted Illinois state law created "the Electric Vehicle Charging Act", which will require new properties to be EV-capable starting in 2024. It also contains a provision that says landlords cannot prevent their tenants from installing EV chargers. So it's essentially a mini-game changer in the state's efforts to encourage electric vehicle adoption.

A synopsis on the website reads as such: The passage "provides that the Act applies to new single-family homes and newly constructed or renovated multi-unit residential buildings that have parking spaces and are constructed or renovated after the effective date of the Act."

An EV charging station in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.—Electrical Apparatus photo

It also defines terms, and "provides that a new single-family residence or a small multifamily residence shall have at least one electric vehicle capable parking space for each residential unit that has dedicated parking, unless any subsequently adopted building code requires additional electric vehicle capable parking spaces or installed electric vehicle supply equipment."

The Act also "includes electric vehicle parking space requirements for a new, large multifamily residential building or a large multifamily residential building being renovated by a developer converting the property to an association; includes electric vehicle parking space requirements for affordable housing and for an existing multi-unit residential building subject to an association that undertakes renovation; and includes electric vehicle charging station policies for unit owners and for renters."

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