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The Lowe Down

Home improvement store is helping its employees fight inflation

Lowe’s is reportedly preparing to distribute $55 million in bonuses to "its front-line hourly employees to help soften the impact of inflation," NBC News' Rob Wile wrote yesterday following an earnings call with the company.

As it reported its second quarter earnings, the home improvement store chain indicated it is offering those workers limited-time discounts of up to 20% on everyday household and cleaning items, Wile reported.

"We will continue to look for meaningful ways to improve our associates’ work-life balance while providing them with the tools to build a career at Lowe’s," Executive Vice President Joe McFarland said on the call.

With over 2,000 locations and around 300,000 employees, the publicly-owned Lowe's is the second largest home improvement chain in the world (next to Home Depot, which surpassed it in 1989).

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