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Trapped in a Cave? Suite!

Mechanical problems on elevator lead to five staying at underground hotel

This week from an American landmark: Tragedy or luxury? Five tourists of the Grand Canyon Caverns found themselves caught between the two extremes due to a mechanical problem with an elevator this weekend.

After completing their tour of the underground site, the five tourists were informed that the elevator back to the top was not operational. The solution? House them overnight at The Cavern Suite, a two-bed dwelling amidst the caves (pictured below).

“Yesterday five folks were exiting the caverns when the elevator stopped working. Believing it was an electrical problem, a generator was brought in. It’s not an electrical problem. It’s a mechanical problem,” Jon Paxton, a spokesperson for the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office, told CNN Monday. The Caverns, which are around 200 feet below sea level, serve as an ancillary attraction to the famous National Park and provide daily tours beginning at 9 AM.

The Suite, meanwhile, is about to get a lot more famous, if it weren't already. It's description on the GCC website reads:

Experience the deepest, darkest, quietest, hotel room in the world, “When The Cavern Becomes Your Room For The Night!”

We're guessing visitors didn't expect it to be so literal. Nonethelees, The Cavern Suite offers 2 queen beds and a fold down futon; it's also equipped with "a fully-functioning RV style bathroom," a kitchenette with microwave a small refrigerator, as well as a library of books, DVDs and a television. And, your Cavern Suite experience "can be enhanced with a catered dinner and/or a breakfast option."

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