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When Worlds Collide

New trade show for collision repair begins April 1 in Kansas City

Living in the Midwest and like to work on cars? There's a new trade show that might be just right for you.

The Midwest Collision Repair Trade Show is slated to begin April 1st in Kansas City and its suburb of Overland Park. It will continue through the following day (Saturday, April 2). Emerging from pandemic-induced separation anxiety, this group of organizers decided to flip the script by aiming for strength in numbers moving forward.

A 2016 iteration of the Collision Repair Trade Show.—Midwest Collision Repair Trade Show photo

The initial Midwest Collision Repair Trade Show "was a hit year after year," per the new show's website, "but now, pooling the resources of five active state associations we expect it to be at least five times better than in the past."

Other successful trade shows for this industry, the argument goes, are far away, in places Vegas, New Jersey, and Texas. The Midwest Collision Repair Trade Show combats that with nearly the most central heartland location possible. Top vendors are reportedly "investing heavily" to be there to answer questions and meet your needs, per the MCR website, and "national iconic presenters will add wisdom and knowledge you won’t get anywhere else."

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