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Technical articles!

In every issue of Electrical Apparatus

Technical articles!

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Our multi-page, illustrated technical articles offer in-depth analyses of technological approaches to maintenance, repair and equipment replacement, for  motors, servo motors, pumps, electronics, and more. Material is expertly provided by EA Engineering Editor Richard L. Nailen, special correspondent John Malinowski, and other industry authorities.

In a nod to our global readership, trilingual summaries are published in French, German and Spanish. 

Additional technical advice is provided by the Let’s Solve Your Problem column, which answers readers’ technical questions in a lively Q&A format. We also publish information about industry standards and regulations.

See examples of our technical content, below. 

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EA technical articles

Every issue of EA includes technical articles and related content. Below are titles of some of our recent offerings, including links to a few representative samples. 

recent articles by Richard L. Nailen
The subjective language of standards
Is this the motor I ordered?
Random winding for high voltage motors?
Motor Operating Conditions
What 'everyone knows' about motor application
A question of environment
Motor management: what is it all about?
The meaning of 'severe duty'

READ A SAMPLE ARTICLE, The great motor efficiency race

recent articles by John Malinowski
July 2021 Motor efficiency: a refresher course

May 2021 Motor efficiency then, now and tomorrow

April 2021 Time for a Motor Survey

March 2021 Beyond motor efficiency

READ A SAMPLE ARTICLE, A deeper dive into TEFC motors

Let's Solve Your Problem - readers ask about these topics, and more:
motor starting

starting time


“imbalance” versus “unbalance”


motor reconditioning

starting current



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