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October 2020 EA

Happy New Year! 

What's New and Coming Soon... 

Our  January issue features Robotics...artificial intelligence ... our 5-year index of articles ... laminated frame square motors.... and much more!

Coming in February - Machine Shops! To inquire about display advertising or send art materials, contact Barbara Wachter  asap.  Place a classified ad here.

Get ready for our important Spring issues.   In March, we cover HVAC/R developments, including our AHR report.  April, all about energy, will have a Cleanpower preview. May is the first of our big three EASA issues,  and will outline plans for the 2023 EASA convention in  Washington DC.  

Interested in the EASA market? Start your advertising strategy with us! Ask Barbara for recommendations.    

Members of the industry -- .Contact us to share your news and new product releases with EA readers!

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