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Advanced Rotors

EASA Booth 919

Advanced Rotors

Advanced Rotors has 3 4,000KW fibre optic laser cutting machines along with dual head 5 axis waterjet cutting services. In our state-of-the-art 20,000 square foot laser facility, our coil line allows for more efficiency and decrease in material waste. Our laminations are M19 grade electric steel double coated with C5 core plate insulation. Our laser team offers onsite stacking at your facility.
Quality Control includes a Coordinate Measuring Machining (CMM), hysteresis testing, Franklin testing, core loss testing, as well as calibration of all instrumentation. Engineering services are also available for redesign. We have the ability of laser cutting the most complex rotor, stator, armature, pole piece, and loose laminations for your repair needs.

(P): (256) 352-5150

273 County Road 520, Hanceville
Hanceville, AL 35077

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