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Essex Brownell

EASA Booth 529

Essex Brownell

Essex Brownell is a global distributor of magnet wire, connectivity cable, lead wire, motors, drives, electrical and electronic insulation, tapes, repair parts, as well as shop and test equipment. Over the course of our 90-year history we have built key supplier relationships across many industries to ensure the highest level of quality to help businesses through innovation, supply management, and services. Essex Brownell owns and operates distribution centers in 11 states, as well as Mexico and Canada, to ensure that no matter where you are we can help facilitate prompt delivery of products to go right into your manufacturing lines.

As part of the Superior Essex family our customers have access to Essex Active, a conversion and fabrications division. Essex Active specializes in reducing or eliminating redundant processes, and producing rapid prototypes, while using state–of–the–art industrial technology. It has a proven track record supporting customers of all sizes for over 50 years and helps its partners improve efficiency, enhance workflow, reduce repetitive processes and create rapid prototypes for new parts. Essex Brownell stocks motor parts and accessories to ensure that your business can have the right part at the right time. Whether your project is in need of bearings, capacitors, pump seals, shaft grounding rings or general shop equipment, Essex Brownell is willing and able to get the parts from our floor to your line. We feature items from KBC, Nachi, US Seal, AEMC, and numerous others -- from ball and roller bearings to the latest technology testing equipment.

Our team is forward focused on the innovations being made within the motor and drives industry as well as the required government energy regulations to provide our partners with variable speed and energy efficient options. Our solutions experts can meet the demands on integrated products within most every application and can provide solutions for fractional to integral motors. We stock all replacement parts for every season from planting to harvesting or heating and cooling needs. Essex Brownell is not just farm equipment as well can fulfill your needs on applications like explosion proof motors, HVAC, pools & pumps, or standard DC motors. Essex Brownell can also strategic solutions for full line distributor of replacement motors. Essex Brownell has a line of copper and aluminum magnet wire that is available in round, square, as well as rectangular featuring UltraShield Plus, Formvar®, Nylon, polyurethane, epoxy, polyester, ML®, polyimide, Dacron®, glass, paper, Nomex® or Kapton® insulation.

We also feature UL and CSA recognized styles of wire and cable, including PVC, cross-linked, EPDM, CPE, silicone rubber, Hypalon and Teflon. Other offerings include lead wire, automotive wire, battery cable, welding cable, portable cord and bulk cord. Our products can be integrated into flexible insulation applications including papers, films, laminates, fabrics, mats and foams from leading manufacturers. Essex Brownell also offers electrical and industrial tape products with silicone, acrylic and rubber adhesives with backing materials that include polyester composites, PTFE, polyimide, polypropylene, Nomex®, paper, vinyl, PVC, foil, glass cloth, cotton and filament reinforced materials. Mica products including papers, tapes, wraps, tubes, fabricated parts and capacitor papers for VPI, high voltage coil and bar applications, high/low voltage equipment and traction motors are available.

Also, these mica products are available in heater, segment and molding plates with epoxy, silicone and alkyd vinyl binder types as well as in inorganic products. Our fiberglass offerings are reinforced with polyester, epoxy or phenolic resins to form various shapes. Nomex® pressboards, Micarta®, wood and mica insulation are also available. Solvent based and solventless polyester and epoxy varnishes and resins are among the many products that our customers frequently request. Waterborne polyesters and water emulsion epoxies are also available along with co-polymers, polybutadiene, alkyds, polyurethanes, air-dry varnishes, hermetic varnishes, adhesives, thinners and paints. These materials are used in dip and bake, VPI, trickle, roll-through, potting and encapsulating, casting and conformal coating processes. Essex Brownell also has adhesives, sealants, conformal coatings, dielectric gels, encapsulants, transformer fluid, lubricants/greases, anti-friction coatings and mold making materials that are available in a variety of chemistries, application and packing options. Essex Brownell also stocks all of the necessary equipment required for motor rewinding and repair.

And our facility has burn out ovens, bake ovens, dip tanks, winding machines, strippers/cutters, balancing machines, test meters, dynamometers and surge testers. Customers can also purchase replacement parts for pumps and motors such as bearings, capacitors, switches, terminal boards, shaft ground rings, RTD’s, thermocouples, pump seals, coils, conduit boxes, fans, brushes and holders.

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