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High Voltage Inc

EASA Booth 237

High Voltage Inc

High Voltage, Inc. = High Voltage Test Equipment

HVI designs and manufactures a broad line of high voltage test equipment for over-voltage and diagnostic testing of many components used for the Generation, Transmission, and Distribution of energy. An important part of our effort is to help EASA members, and all involved in the motor/generator industry. HVI offers many of the top AC high voltage test sets available for off-line over-voltage Withstand testing coils, or with Tan Delta and Partial Discharge measurement accessories for non-destructive diagnostic testing, or condition assessment. HVI also offers DC Hipot/Megohmmeter combination testers, Parallel Resonant sets for high capacitance load testing, and Very Low Frequency (VLF) 0.1 Hz testing for the highest of uF loads. Numerous other products are available for testing other apparatus and cable.

Product Lines Include
 AC Portable Hipots: 10 kVac 100 kVac, 1 kVA 3 kVA
 AC Dielectric Test Sets: 3 kVac 300 kVac, 5 kVA 40 kVA
 Very Low Frequency 0.1 Hz. AC: For IEE433-2002: 30 kVac 200 kVac, 4 uF 50 uF load rated
 VLF Tan Delta Diagnostics: 65 kVac @ 0.1 Hz.
 Parallel Resonant Test Sets: 16 kVac 100 kVac, up to 250 kVA load
 DC Hipot/Megohmmeters: 20 kVdc 600 kVdc
 Aerial Lift Testers AC & DC: 60 kVac 300 kVac & 80 kVdc 600 kVdc
 Oil Dielectric Testers: 60 kVdc 100 kVdc, 800 VA
 Cable Fault Locators/Thumpers: 5 kVdc 32 kVdc, up to 3200 Joules
 HV Dividers: 0-150 & 300 kVac/kVdc

HVI knows motor and generator testing and has the products and the application knowledge needed to help you. Always call HVI first.

Contact: Tom Grayson
(P): (518) 329-3275

31 County Rt. 7A
Copake, NY 12516

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