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50 mW, 40 MVA, 38 kV

IPS acquires ABB hydro generator rewind, transformer repair businesses

It's time to update the Integrated Power Services map again. Deja vu? Yes. The Greenville, S.C., based service and repair powerhouse acquired three prominent service operations in Washington, California, and Montana just two months ago.

This time, IPS is snatching up an even wider swathe of assets: ABB's Canadian and U.S. hydro generator rewind and transformer repair businesses in Quebec and Colorado. This will increase three key areas of the company's service capabilities:

1) hydro generator service and repair up to 50 mW.

2) remanufacturing and service capabilities for transformers up to 40 MVA .

3) remanufacturing and service capabilities for switchgear up to 38 kV.

The sale includes ABB’s Beloeil, Quebec coil manufacturing facility and its Denver, Colorado service center, per a March 21 IPS press release, and is expected to lose in the 2nd Quarter of 2022. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed, but the acquisition includes 80 employees working in Beloeil and Denver in coil manufacturing, transformer remanufacturing, hydro field services, electro-mechanical repair, design engineering, sales, and support. Here's the updated coverage map:

The deal expands IPS’s power management capabilities and complements its recent platform investment in National Switchgear and National Field Service. By combining ABB’s transformer business with National’s operations, IPS adds a Center of Excellence for Transformer remanufacturing capability to National’s NETA-certified Transmission and Distribution, and Protection and Control services. Pictured below is ABB's Denver repair facility:

ABB's Denver service center for transformer repair is being acquired by IPS.—ABB library photo

“We’re pleased to add these renewable energy, power management and power distribution services to our North American network,” said John Zuleger, IPS President and CEO. “IPS welcomes our new highly skilled employees and looks forward to making a significant growth commitment to customers who seek a trusted advisor, high-quality service provider for this critical equipment.”

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