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A3: Grind & Finish

Special conference takes place later this month in Minneapolis

You know what they say to motivate hard work: get back to the grind...and finish the job. Both catch phrases apply to the upcoming A3 Robotic Grinding & Finishing Conference, set to take place in Minneaolis July 25 and 26. Take a closer look at these agenda highlights:

Kimo Johnson Chief Science Officer, GelSight, Inc

We will discuss a fast, handheld surface measurement system capable of capturing micron-to-millimeter surface topography of any material, regardless of its optical properties. This system, when combined with modern artificial intelligence methods, can be used for various applications relevant to grinding and finishing processes, including abrasive identification, abrasive lifetime prediction, and surface appearance characterization. This system can also be integrated into a finishing process to provide dynamic assessments of the abrasive, the surface or both. We will present experimental results on abrasive grit and type identification and abrasive lifetime prediction.VIEW AGENDA

Charles Gales Manager of Automation Sales, Weldon Solutions

A manufacturer of aerospace components had a complicated part that needed to be deburred. A Cobot was selected to move the Deburr Spindle around the profile of the part. This original program could then be utilized to generate alternate paths by the end-user without the assistance of the System Integrator. The Cobot program was simple enough to modify that different media could also be successfully programmed by the end user. The ability of the end user to modify and also add future part programs was a key selling point for this project. The Cobot programming structure made this all possible.VIEW AGENDA

Ariyan Kabir CEO, GrayMatter Robotics Inc.

This is an overview of physics-informed AI, enabling smart robotic cells to program themselves from the high-level task descriptions. We’ll also cover how robotic cells utilize sensor data to adapt the programs to deliver efficient and safe operational performance in high-mix sanding and polishing applications. These surface finishing solutions ensure quality consistency and increased productivity and enable manufacturers' production scalability.VIEW AGENDA

Henry Kistenmacher Team Lead CoLab, SCHUNK Intec Inc

The range of use cases that fall under the topic robotic material removal is broad. Deburring, grinding, and finishing are the three main clusters of material removal. The industries, materials, manufacturing processes, and object geometries are more diverse than many people realize. From plastic injection molded parts to cast aluminum, machined metal parts, or the wood and furniture industry. As diverse as the application areas are, so are the process parameters that define the result of the machining. This presentation shows the selection of the right consumable-deburring tool combination based on common examples from real applications.VIEW AGENDA

Get the latest on abrasive processes, material finishing, robotics and more The A3 Robotic Grinding and Finishing Conference, presented by 3M, is the premier event in North America for learning the latest technologies, discovering best practices, successful techniques, types of tooling, and more for robotic grinding and finishing processes.

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