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All Aboard the Supply Chain Train

A look at Cal State Fullerton's emerging advanced manufacturing program

Colleges and universities across the U.S. are flashing the Bat signal for able-bodied manual workers in an effort to address supply chain issues. One in particular, Cal State Fullerton, is adding an advanced manufacturing program to its award-winning technical curriculum.

Complex supply chain system disruptions have caused challenges in our economy and tested consumers’ patience. Given the import shortages on items from food supplies to apparel to technology parts, some organizations are thinking about domestic production.

For some, this makes the U.S. manufacturing sector ripe for rapid growth, and means workers skilled in advanced or smart manufacturing specifically either are—or will be—in high demand. Dr. Sagil James is an associate professor in mechanical engineering at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF). His research areas include advanced manufacturing, smart manufacturing, and process modeling and simulation. He brings more than 15 years of combined academic research and industry experience to his role as the creator and lead instructor of the Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Certificate (AMEC) program. This innovative program will teach students skills in industrial automation, smart manufacturing, emerging manufacturing technologies and optimization of the manufacturing process.

Dr. James said, “Students of the Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Certificate program will have an opportunity to improve their manufacturing skills, stay competitive and quickly advance in their careers. This program will provide the students with a broad foundation in the fundamentals of advanced manufacturing engineering, technology, and principles and expose them to cutting-edge technologies that enhance value and increase the productivity of industrial manufacturing. Graduates can start their rewarding career as a Manufacturing Process Engineer, 3D Printing Engineer, Automation Engineer, and so on.”

The AMEC program can be completed in four months and is active in February 2022.

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