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Are You Green Enough?

EV tax credits nixed in new law signed Tuesday

Keeping track of who benefits from the recently-heralded climate package (part of the larger Build Back Better legislation being enacted by the U.S. over the past month) is getting mighty difficult. It's coming down to "are you green enough?" as certain niches of the sustainability world are set to reap benefits, while others, surprisingly, suffer.

For example, U.S. President Joe Biden signed legislation on Tuesday that will eliminate electric vehicle tax credits for most models currently getting up to $7,500 effective. From everything we understood about electric vehicles as they relate to the fight against climate change, EV tax incentives were supposed to be a big part of the bill. However, it looks like in order to meet in the middle, sacrifices are being made.

A number of websites offer tools and information that can help determine specific credits and restrictions. Check out the links below in our tweet.

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