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Heat Pumps in Flux

White House touts bill, manufacturers see jump

On April 4, National Climate Advisor Ali Zaidi, Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, and Senior Advisor for Clean Energy Innovation and Implementation John Podesta convened the first-ever White House roundtable on heat pump manufacturing and deployment, underscoring how "the President is Investing in America to grow good-paying clean energy manufacturing jobs and lower energy bill costs for consumers and businesses," according to a White House press release from April 5.

Administration officials were joined by executives from heat pump manufacturers, distributors, and labor leaders to discuss how investments related to recent legislation could expand the American heat pump manufacturing industry and build a pipeline of skilled workers to meet the growing demand for heat pumps around the country.

These super-efficient heating, cooling and hot water systems – also known as heat pumps – lower energy costs for American families, building owners, consumers, and companies, and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We can create good manufacturing and construction jobs, strengthen American competitiveness, and improve building performance with energy efficiency.

Meanwhile, at least one region is reporting a jump in heat pump usage and sales.

"Efficient new electric heating and cooling equipment has seen a miniboom across Long Island over the past two years, on the back of increased subsidies for heat-pump and geothermal systems as the state and LIPA advance plans to displace fossil fuel-burning systems," a report from Newsday said earlier this week, adding that "while the new systems still make up just a fraction of Long Island’s heating and cooling market, an increase of more than 20% in the past two years suggests a momentum that PSEG Long Island, which administers the program, is celebrating. "

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So the Brandon group are bribing the silly people on Longg Island to install heat pumps, at the same time that the Brandon group are doubling the cost of electricity to run the pumps. As P T Barnum said, "There is Sucker born every minute".

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