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Jenkins welcomes industry veteran with distribution expansion

Jenkins Electric Company has added industry veteran Billy Johns to its outside sales team, the Charlotte outfit announced Wednesday. Bringing decades of experience as an industry leader, Mr. Johns is expected to be a key team member responsible for continuing the company’s 115-year legacy.

“Jenkins is built on the reliability and knowledge of our employees, and we are proud to welcome industry leader Billy Johns to our team. Billy’s long history in the electromechanical repair and service industry is a natural fit at Jenkins. We are excited about the value Billy adds to our team and what his experience means for our continued growth and success in the industry.” says Iain Jenkins, President of Jenkins Electric

As a founding member of NISA, the organization that was renamed EASA, Jenkins supports the electromechanical industry by remaining committed to serving fellow motor shops through technical support, testing and repair services, motor cooling fan replacement, parts remanufacturing and with an expanding distribution offering. Billy is expected to continue to be a critical resource for motor shops across the Southeast in his new role.

Mr. Johns began his career in the electric motor industry in 1978 as a utility helper. In the following years, he worked as a mechanic, and AC & DC coil maker, with his primary skill set as a winder of large motors in the shop and in the field. Over the last twenty years, Billy moved into sales and customer service. Billy has previously worked for both motor manufacturers and repair shops across the industry. Billy has served on the EASA Southeastern Chapter Board of Directors since 2016 and as chapter president from April 2020 - October 2021. In addition, Billy has served on the EASA International Marketing & Industry Awareness Committee.

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