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"King Maker" Electromagnet

Yet another ambitious claim of a breakthrough—Canadian company says this time it's for real

The industrial world is getting used to hearing ambitious claims about breakthroughs in engineering, especially when it comes to electric motors. That being said, this one is especially bold, beginning with the statement: "The new technology will bring about a global paradigm shift in electric vehicles, solving the last 2 major problems, distance and charging time. In generators it will make them smaller, more powerful, while reducing the carbon footprint." That quote comes from G.L.I.P. President DJ Whittaker, who presides over the Canadian company claiming the breakthrough.

G.L.I.P. Generation Corporation's breakthrough in magnetic fields was called the 'king maker' by the US Department of Energy review panel. The important breakthrough was recently 3rd party verified, according to an April 11 press release. The technology reportedly allows for generators to use a fraction of the gas, diesel, or nuclear material a generator would normally use. Wind turbines, and hydro generators would apparently be smaller, quieter, more powerful, and efficient. In EVs, it claims it allows for greater distances with smaller batteries for faster recharge time. That's a lot of claims.

G.L.I.P. inventor David Joseph explained the breakthrough this way, "We were all taught these things were not possible. We found a way to take an existing magnetic field and use it to neutralize another magnetic field. Instead of back EMF resisting the rotor, it is assimilated by another field, so neutralized, meaning it no longer effects torque."

"Replacing KWs with gauss creates a whole new math for motor efficiency. We are not talking about increasing the motor efficiency by just one or two percent. Its much higher than that. It really is the reinvention of the electric motor." -G.L.I.P. inventor David Joseph "Today, everyone calls everything the game changer. But in our case, it really is," claims Whittaker. G.L.I.P. Generation Corporation is a tech company based in Cooks Island, office-based in Canada.

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