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Primed for Takeoff

Aviation specialists holding live flight demo April 16

H55, a pioneering company in electric aviation, and BRM Aero, the B23 aircraft manufacturer, invite members of the press and friends to attend a dedicated briefing and flight demonstration at Aero 24 on Tuesday, April 16th at 2 pm in the Zepplin Hangar Restaurant in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

The press conference and accompanied livestream are taking place alongside Aero 24, Europe’s premier general aviation exhibition and trade show whereby the revolutionary all-electric 2-seater B23 Energic, 850KG maximum take-off weight, will be on display.

Guests and viewers will be offered the opportunity to witness the aircraft in action as it takes flight, demonstrating the advancements in electric aviation technology. The flight demonstration will be accompanied by a briefing moderated by H55’s Executive Chairman André Borschberg together with Martin Bristela the founder of BRM Aero who elaborate on the BRM’s unique performance characteristics as well as provides insights into their vision for the future of electric aircraft in sustainable transportation.

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