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Rosebank Approved

Big-time oil drilling network in the North Sea will move forward

Despite significant backlash, a major oil drilling field in the North Sea of the Atlantic Ocean, near the Shetland Islands north of Great Britain, will move forward after a recent approval.

"The North Sea Transition Authority has today granted development and production consent for the Rosebank field, north-west of Shetland," read a September 27 statement from the NSTA. "The consent has been given by the oil and gas regulator to owners Equinor and Ithaca Energy, following the acceptance of the Environmental Statement."

Rosebank has drawn heavy protests across Europe, especially in Britain, for its perceived damages to the environment that would reportedly stifle the fight against climate change.

An NSTA spokesperson added: “We have today approved the Rosebank Field Development Plan which allows the owners to proceed with their project.

“The FDP is awarded in accordance with our published guidance and taking net zero considerations into account throughout the project’s lifecycle.”

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