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Scenes of Industry

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Electric vehicle infrastructure, industrial power are side-by-side in Europe

Following our coverage of the Hannover Messe trade fair in Germany, Electrical Apparatus photographers were able to capture some additional snapshots that offer a perspective on equipment used during everyday life in Europe. We're grateful to be able to share these with our readers and would love to hear any opinions/perspective (just keep it civil, please :)) that you might have upon viewing them.

Our overall takeaway is that in Europe, clean energy infrastructure is more welcomed than in America, but that it requires cooperation with traditional industry to operate efficiently.

E-mobility: A smart car charges at an electric vehicle station in Zurich, Switzerland.

A touring boat with dining onboard in Lindau, Germany still uses traditional motor power.

A store window in Lindau, Germany advertises a servo hydraulic cylinder and test stand from the German company Hanchen, which manufactures industrial hydraulic cylinders, test actuators and rod clamping units.

Tools and parts for sale in a shop window in Lindau, Germany.

Bosch gets the green light: A Bosch service center in the southern state of Bavaria, Germany.

Trainyards outside of Frankfurt, Germany.

Control center featuring helium valves inside a zeppelin (you might know it as a blimp) at the Friedrichshafen airport in the state of Baden-Württemberg, southern Germany. Here, the historic firm Zeppelin NT is based in the city.

The skyline of Frankfurt, Germany, with traces of its industrial history (and its widespread graffiti scene) in the foreground.

The VW Tower, located in the northern German city of Hannover, within the state of Lower Saxony, is a link to the company's production history in the city. In the foreground is Hannover's central train station, the Hauptbahnhof.

Frankfurt's industrial might is evident even to the untrained eye. When passing through the city by train, industrial warehouses and plants seemingly account for half the architecture.

All-electric trams are extremely common in Europe. Here, we see the profound blend of old and new with a gothic church in the background. From the Kleefeld neighborhood of Hannover, Germany.

An electric vehicle charging station from Germany utility Enercity showcases the propensity of European countries for connecting their EV charging infrastructure directly to the grid.

Solar panels line the roof of a residential complex in Bludenz, Austria. Portions of the Austrian Alps are visible in the background.

Fear not, America, this continent still has chicken & beer. Photo from Zurich, Switzerland.

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