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"SWeETy" camp and other shout-outs for Women in Engineering Day

An Alabama training program is the latest to prioritize female inclusion, providing a template for success as International Women in Engineering Day is marked today, June 23rd.

In Decatur, Ala., teenage women are showing increased interest in both electrical skills and welding—and proving more than equal to men—reported Wes Tomlinson of the Decatur Daily earlier this week.

Those Alabama students attended the 16th annual Summer Welding & Electrical Technology — SWeETy —Camp held June 13-16 by the Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce and Calhoun Community College. The camp in the aerospace building on Calhoun’s Decatur campus was open exclusively to high school female students in an effort to get more women interested in the welding and electrical fields. The four-day camp was structured into three components: welding, electrical technology, and this year's new section: additive manufacturing.

Young women participate in the 'SWeETy" program at Calhoun College in Alabama.—Calhoun College photo

"SWeETy" was not the only event leading up to the day of recognition; nor was it the last. Here's a look at some of the strongest tweets from IWIE Day:

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