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Landmark partnership claimed by EV groups

SWTCH Energy, a Toronto-based company specializing in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for multi-tenant properties, and AutoGrid, a virtual power plant (VPP) and distributed energy resources management system (DERMS) provider, announced a recent partnership to integrate 250 EV chargers in multi-tenant properties into an active demand response program with a Canadian utility. This partnership marks "the first time that a North American utility will incorporate multi-unit residential building chargers into its demand response programs," according to a February 6 press release.

“In partnership with AutoGrid, we are committed to introducing and scaling innovative solutions with outsized impacts on grid reliability and efficiency” Tweet this

Demand response is a technology-enabled conservation system for electric power supply; it involves shifting or shedding electricity during peak demand periods. Demand response works in two ways: price-based programs, which use price signals and tariffs to incentivize consumers to use less electricity, and incentive-based programs that pay consumers directly. As utilities pledge to cut carbon emissions, the global demand response market is expected to grow by $1.07 billion between 2020 and 2025, led by North America.

While this type of demand response program is gaining traction throughout the single-family home category, multi-tenant building assets remain an untapped resource. The partnership between SWTCH and AutoGrid could set a precedent for DERMS providers and utilities across the continent at a time when the need for energy resilience is more dire than ever.

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