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A 'Nack for Switches

Irvine's Pasternack releases new line of products

Pasternack, the Infinite Electronics brand based in Irvine, California, also a provider of RF, microwave and millimeter-wave products, recently announced the release of a new series of ruggedized electromechanical relay switches it described as "innovative". A popular buzzword in industrial circles, innovation will be the theme of the September issue of Electrical Apparatus. The switches are engineered to "ensure dependable RF signal routing for vital applications, spanning a vast range of market bands from DC to 40 GHz," Pasternack says.

This "groundbreaking" series comprises 40 switch models and designs. The switches are suitable for numerous market bands, including L, S, C, X, Ku and K. This provides a wide range of frequency bandwidths and extensive application opportunities.

These switches meet IP64 compliance standards and come with a Level 1 moisture seal. This makes them theoretically well-suited for customers operating outdoors or where testing might expose them to moisture.

The company also reports efficient performance: insertion loss as low as 0.15 dB (typical) and isolation levels reaching up to 90 dB. This can ensure signal integrity while minimizing signal degradation. Furthermore, they offer diverse actuator options, including latching, failsafe, or normally open actuators, with TTL logic compatibility.

Also noteworthy is the switches' high power handling capability. They can manage power up to 160 watts continuous wave (CW) at 1 MHz, potentially providing reliable performance even in demanding situations.

The hardy electromechanical relay switches are available in compact, MIL-grade, coaxial package designs. They are fitted with SMA, 2.92 mm, TNC, or N-Type connectors, depending on the frequency band.

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