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Accident at Illinois Plant

Decatur's ADM issues statement on incident that left 8 injured

On Sunday, Sept. 10, at approximately 7:11 p.m., there was an explosion at the East Plant within ADM’s industrial complex in Decatur, Illinois. Five employees remain in the hospital receiving treatment for their injuries, and the presiding company publicly stated its priority is to provide injured colleagues and their families with support.

"The main fire was extinguished overnight, and we are continuing to closely monitor and assess the extent of the damage to the complex as we investigate the cause of the incident," ADM stated September 11 on its website, promptly updating the public on the matter. "The East plant, which produces soybean oil and white flake for soybean protein production, is down at this time, and the adjacent corn processing plant is also temporarily down until we can safely resume operations."

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