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Any Way the Wind Blows

Doesn't really matter. It'll still generate energy at Houghton's new facility

Houghton International is making an investment in a new 20,000 square foot facility dedicated to wind turbine repair, the company said in an email to EA September 22. "This service, exclusive to Houghton International, represents a significant leap towards a more sustainable and cost-effective future for wind farms worldwide," according to Houghton marketing assistant Callum Stuchbery.

The wind turbine repair and life-extension facility is located at Houghton's Ronnie Mitten Works on Shields Road in Newcastle in England.

The company recently completed a repair and life-extension project on an Enercon direct

drive wind turbine in the Faroe Islands (in the North Sea between the British Isles and Iceland) – their second successful project on such equipment. They expect "a large upturn in demand for their unique services in the coming years, driven by the world’s need to generate clean energy and reduce the length of outages experienced by wind farm owners and operators when their turbines fail."

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