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Celebrating National Crossword Day and its founder, one of our longtime contributors

Don't be cross! It might not be the end of the work week, but there's reason for cheer already today: It's National Crossword Day.

Longtime EA contributor Myles Mellor—one of the top crossword writers in the world and published in over 1000 magazines, newspapers and web outlets—has officially founded "National Crossword Day", to take place December 8 of each year.

"I'm happy to announce that I have founded National Crossword Solvers Day on December 8 2022," Mellor said in an email to EA editors. "Thanks for your support over the years and for bringing the quiet joy of crossword solving to your readers in the midst of the stresses of modern life."

Mellor has over 20,000 crosswords published worldwide. Supplying theme crosswords, diamond crosswords, syndicated puzzles, cryptograms, diagramless crosswords, word search, sudokus, anagrams, and word games.

Crossword puzzles have been around since 1913. For more crossword history, and more details on the new 'holiday', check out the new website on More links for Myles Mellor are below, including an interview on CBS and crossword books available for purchase:

Mellor's interview on CBS at An interview on See the new content site at Buy Myles Mellor crossword books and subscribe at Published on mobile devices and e-readers.

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