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ABB's latest creation will specialize in smart watches, earphones, sensors

A recent product release featured the IRB 1010, ABB’s smallest ever industrial robot, ventures into the world of consumer electronics production. While the robot is ideal for a variety of small part assembly and handling tasks, it is "especially suited to enhance production for small parts electronics manufacturers of devices including smart watches, earphones, sensors, and health trackers," ABB's Alex Miller said in an email to Electrical Apparatus.

While the production of smartphones is generally accounted for, new wearable technology and the devices that accompany it are rising in demand and will require reliable production lines. This is where ABB expects a robust yield; the IRB 1010 is "designed to meet the growing demand for wearable devices," according to the company.

Other features of the robot: it is said to offer "class-leading payload and precision" and comes with a compact size, meaning more robots can be fitted into narrow production lines. It also consumes 20% less energy using OmniCore E10 controller, according to Miller.

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