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Utilities update on newest FERC order to be discussed at upcoming conference

The issuance of FERC Order No. 2023 triggered a flurry of much needed interconnection and queue reform implementations in ISOs, RTOs, and individual utility Balancing Areas across the continent, while DOE programs aimed at developing better interconnection processes are beginning to bear fruit.

However, under this new regime the extent and pace of reforms differs significantly in markets across the nation. Those interested in learning more and getting their voices hear (who aren't going to EASA in Las Vegas for that entire event) can consider attending the June 25th Executive Briefing at the Transmission & Interconnection Summit in Arlington, Virginia to examine the progress being made in each ISO/RTO and areas not subject to organized markets, providing up-to-date information on:

  • The specific approaches being taken in the region to implement queue reforms under the general aegis of Order 2023

  • The lessons being learned in ISO/RTO markets whose existing queue reforms closely hew to the Order 2023 framework

  • The status of compliance filings and potential legal challenges

  • The progress being made in implementing new study processes by ISOs and TOs

  • The ways some areas are moving beyond meeting the minimum requirements imposed by the Order

  • The impacts being seen to date on reducing the size of existing queues

  • What timelines will look like, who will be able to get into study groups, and what happens with drop out projects

  • The impacts being seen by developers of higher project fees on their plans

  • The willingness of offtakers to sign PPAs given the uncertainties surrounding the impacts on interconnection costs and schedules

  • How interconnection processes can be better aligned with transmission planning

  • How the transition period will be handled

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