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Don't Mess With Nidec

Motor corp. of Japan, St. Louis releases formal complaint against online news outlet

We've always known Nidec's motors were tough. Now we know its a company that is equally vigilant.

Nidec Corporation noted in an October 24 press release that "today that Toyo Keizai Online published an article on October 24, 2022 which, following its October 7, 2022 article, expresses doubts that Nidec is conducting inappropriate processing in the acquisition of treasury stock."

The company defended its honor in a the rest of the statement, claiming defamation despite trying to communicate with the online news outlet.

"After receiving a letter of inquiry from Toyo Keizai Inc. regarding the matter in question on October 20, 2022, the Company replied on the same day that the claim is based on a mistaken notion. Toyo Keizai Inc.’s latest report is not based on the reply. Toyo Keizai Inc.’s repeated reporting that defames Nidec’s honor is unacceptable to us, and the Company is currently preparing to take legal actions, including a lawsuit, against Toyo Keizai Inc."

Nidec added that it "will promptly announce any new information to share publicly regarding the above matter. "

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