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EASA Plays Dentist

Latest edition of 'Currents' offers help with crooked teeth on laminations

"Unless great care is taken, pulling magnet wire from a motor stator often bends or splays the lamination’s end teeth," writes David Sattler L&S Electric, Inc., in the latest edition of EASA's Currents. "Bent teeth, or teeth that have been splayed outward at the ends of the core stack, will likely compromise the quality of the repair job."

Sattler continues to explain that certain studies show that motor efficiency may be reduced by splaying end teeth. Even if that reduction in efficiency is slight, any reduction in efficiency results in higher costs and wasted energy.

Even though these performance reductions are seldom noticed by customers, the goal in motor repair is always to produce the highest quality rewind possible. Therefore, repair shops can design and implement the use of disc clamps to hold the stator tooth tips in place while pulling magnet wire from the slots.

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