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Exro Partners

Major alignment with world-renowned automation supplier

Exro Technologies Inc., the Calgary clean technology company that has developed new generation power control electronics that expand the capabilities of electric motors and batteries, announced April 17 that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Wolong Electric Group Ltd, world-renowned automation solution supplier and one of world's top three motor manufactures for industrial and automotive applications. The partnership aligns directly with Exro's targeted go-to-market strategy for its patented Coil Driver inverter technology, partnering with leading global tier-1 automotive suppliers that accelerate and amplify Exro's market presence.

"We are excited to welcome Wolong as a strategic motor partner," said Exro CEO Sue Ozdemir. "Having previously been a part of the Wolong family, I have first-hand perspective on the world-class motor manufacturing capabilities that allow Exro the opportunity to scale into multiple large customer platforms. The partnership is yet another validation of Exro's patented core technology and we are leveraging the platforms of some of the largest automotive supply companies in the world to bring our technology to market."

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