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Extreme Maintenance

ACP O&M and Safety Conference takes place next week

The ACP (American Clean Power) Operations & Maintenance and Safety Conference kicks off in just one week (March 8-10 in San Diego), featuring over 120 speakers, 120 exhibitors and 25 sponsors and partners. The full agenda and registration can be viewed here, but we wanted to highlight certain topics, starting with an especially relevant session slated for next Tuesday.


Extreme Cold Weather Grid Operations, Preparedness, and Coordination

Tuesday, March 8 | 10:45 AM – 12:00 PM PT

This session will involve a discussion on the topic of generator cold weather preparedness from multiple perspectives; compliance, operational maintenance and turbine design. This session brings together the different areas that are impacted by the cold weather requirements currently being proposed by NERC.

Moderator: Natalie Johnson

Director NERC Compliance

Enel Green Power North America

Ashley Kaepplinger

Sr. Regulatory Compliance Analyst

Acciona Energy USA Global LLC

Chris Petrola

Director, Maintenance and Technical Support

Enel Green Power

Meghan Semiao

Director - Asset Management

Longroad Energy

Rhonda Jones

Director, Reliability Compliance


Further on, here are some of the many other tracks to be covered at ACP O&M and Safety 2022:

  • O&M Solar Vegetation Management

  • Safety Leadership

  • Safety Culture

  • Cybersecurity

  • Fire Protection for Solar, Storage and Wind

  • State Initiatives for Scaling up Offshore Wind

  • IEEE P2800 Impacts

  • Risk Assessment

  • OSW Developers Preparing the Workforce

  • Green Field, Buy Turnkey or Repowering?

  • Labor Challenges

  • NAAA Crop Dusting

  • Managing Complex Safety Challenges

  • Biological Basis for Complacency

  • Balance of Plant Issues

  • Condition Monitoring Systems

  • Controlling Contractor

  • Regulatory Compliance and Extreme Weather

  • Extreme Weather Preparedness

  • Fall Protection

  • Blade Repair

  • Offshore Wind Safety

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