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Colibrex completes project for air navigation drones to help with aviation

Colibrex, a German smart drone manufacturer, has successfully completed a project for the delivery of air navigation measurement drones to SENEAM, the Mexican Air Navigation Service Provider. It partnered with LS telcom Ltd. Canada and Telnorm Air as local service partner in Mexico, the company said in a January 25 press release emailed to EA.

With 11 "NavAidDrone" systems, this project is reportedly unique in its scope and Colibrex says it "marks a new era in the deployment of drone-based measurement approaches in the aviation world."

The NavAidDrone model (shown in the photo above) is a fully integrated measurement drone for specialized field measurements required for inspection and regular maintenance of Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) and VHF Omnidirectional Radio Range (VOR/DVOR).

It has been jointly developed by Colibrex, a subsidiary of LS telcom, and FCS Flight Calibration Services.

The Aeronautical Authority in Mexico (AFAC) and SENEAM are working to implement the regulations and necessary processes to integrate new technologies into the aviation sector. SENEAM’s CEO Javier Alonso Vega Dour strongly supports technological advancements and enhanced operational safety in the aviation industry.

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