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Invisible Heater

New tech in a Manhattan skyscraper

Last week, our news from the skyscrapers of Manhattan was not good. It featured a crane accident that was very fortunate not to kill anyone. Hopefully, this week's new technology is promising enough to give the Big Apple some better publicity.

To adequately heat the 111 Murray Street residential skyscraper in New York, the owner sought an effective way to maintain the aesthetic of the mostly glass building without being obtrusive to its design. Custom convection style heaters, mounted in the building’s millwork by Faber Industrial Technologies, proved to be the game-changing resolution.

“Convection heaters provide warmth and heat to a specific area or room by circulating air and heating it using a highly efficient electric element,” explained Andrew Martin, Manager of Product Management with Marley Engineered Products. “Designed for quiet, controlled comfort, they are ideal for both residential and commercial applications, including living rooms and bedrooms, offices, hallways, lobbies, conference rooms, retail stores and buildings with floor-to-ceiling windows.”

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