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IPS Goes International

Remarkable growth of the service company continues with Houghton addition

If IPS (Integrated Power Services) were already considered a continental "empire" in the proverbial sense, it has now taken its first step towards being a global one. The rapidly growing service company just made what it called a "platform entry" by acquiring Houghton Intenational, yet another big name in the electromechanical sales and service industry. Houghton is based out of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, United Kingdom.

The Greenville company announced this acquisition in a press release May 23. Houghton, likely well-known to most EA readers, specializes in the repair and remanufacturing of electric motors, generators, pump systems, and of electric coils for electric motors,

generators, and alternators for customers in the Rail, Power Generation, Industrial,

Water/Wastewater, and Mining industries. The acquisition represents IPS’s

platforming entry into the new markets in the UK, Europe and Middle East and an

expansion of its leading network of operations in the US and Canada.  Financial

details of the transaction were not disclosed.


Houghton was founded in 1984 by Ron and Christine Mitten. Since 2006, Michael Mitten has

operated as Houghton’s CEO and has led Houghton into impressive services

expansion, resulting in a quadrupling of sales and a tripling of the employee base

while expanding served markets into Europe and the Middle East. Houghton has

highly integrated operations at the Ronnie Mitten Works service center, a well-

equipped, 124,000-square-foot facility with capabilities from electrical coil

manufacturing to pump repair, motor and generator repair, and testing.  This facility’s

addition to IPS makes it part of a 51-location service center network spanning the

US, Canada, and now the UK and Europe.


As a leading aftermarket provider of operating and maintenance services for

Renewable Power generation customers in the US and Canada, IPS will now be

able to build on and expand Houghton’s Wind market asset lifecycle services with

IPS’s technologies in power management, generator repair, pitch, and yaw systems. 

IPS will now look to bring its repair, distribution, and field service offerings to new

customers in the on and offshore markets in the UK and Europe. 


Houghton will also join 11 IPS locations that specialize in services for propulsion

systems used in freight rail, people transit, and mining applications. This will build on

IPS’s capabilities in undercar transformers, traction motors, alternators, inductors,

fans, pumps, and field services supporting original equipment manufacturers and

operating companies.


"After 40 years of family ownership, I am thrilled to hand over the responsibility for

future growth to IPS. I found in IPS a team that shares our values and our mission to

excel globally. I am proud of our innovations and achievements, such as being

named National SME of the Year in 2022 by Make UK. I am grateful to our

employees, suppliers, and customers who have supported us throughout my 19

years of leadership. As part of the transaction, I have invested in IPS, ensuring my

continued involvement with the business. I look forward to collaborating with the IPS team to build a European network of electromechanical service and power

management companies," said Michael Mitten, CEO of Houghton.


“The acquisition of Houghton International not only brings a well-respected,

customer-focused company into IPS, it also marks a milestone in our company’s

growth by expanding beyond the US and Canada into new markets in the UK,

Europe and the Middle East,” said John Zuleger, IPS President and CEO. “IPS and

Houghton have an incredible opportunity to expand and improve our service offering

to new customers and markets. We both share a commitment to delivering an

Unmatched Customer Experience and creating a special place to work where

employees can grow and develop through our training programs.  We look forward to

discussing our new capabilities brought by Houghton to our current North American

partners customers who have operations that span these new markets now serviced

by IPS.”

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