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Microsoft reportedly gearing up for massive data center investments

As many of us are painfully aware, data has become the all-consuming 'next frontier' of business and investment, and this translates to physical projects being constructed on the ground as great, sprawling data centers. One major tech company may have just shown its hand in terms of data center planning--but it's a pretty darn good hand.

A recently leaked document and presentation funneled through news outlet Business Insider reportedly shows that tech giant Microsoft has obtained "more than 500MW of additional data center space since July 2023."

This means the company now has more than 5GW of IT capacity available, according to the paper, which would indicate Microsoft is ramping up its investment in data centers, including potential projects involving AI and chips.

Microsoft is looking to accelerate the growth of its data center footprint, according to Business Insider, which also claimed it plans to "double the amount of new data center capacity it builds in the first half of the 2024 fiscal year, adding 1GW of server power over the next six months."

"For the first half of 2025, its target will be 1.5GW of new data center capacity," Business Insider reported.

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