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New product for servo, VFD applications released


Charlotte, NC-based Lutze, which manufactures innovative products for industrial automation such as its comprehensive line of "DRIVEFLEX" VFD cables, has announced a new addition to its portfolio: the company is reportedly expanding its Driveflex VFD cable offering to include a 2kV option for the most electrically demanding applications. The new A219 series expands upon the existing A220 1kV series, offering improved electrical values for 2kV applications.

Like all Driveflex cables, the new A219 series "was designed with flexibility in mind," the company told Electrical Apparatus in an email. "With a 7.5 OD bending radius, the industry leading flexible design of the A219 series saves time and money during installation by improving ease of stripping and handling. The 3 symmetrical ground design reduces stray currents in the motor shaft and bearings, extending the lifetime of the motor. Not all 2000 Volt VFD cables are designed equally." The construction of the A219 2kV VFD cable offers the following benefits:

-        UL listed 2000V Flexible VFD Servo Cable for the most demanding VFD applications

-        UL Listed 2000V TC-ER for installation in cable trays and exposed runs

-        Superior capacitance and impedance values which reduces voltage spikes and current issues caused by VFDs

-        RHW-2 thick wall insulation for added safety in wet and dry locations

-        Available in a wide range from 6 AWG to 750 MCM.


All cables in the Driveflex line, including this latest product, feature thermoset XLPE insulation which offers superior electrical performance and improved safety for any VFD application compared to power tray cables with PVC/Nylon insulation. Driveflex VFD cables adhere to UL 508A, NFPA 79 and NEC requirements for code compliance on VFD cables and offer additional approvals for industry specific applications.

For additional Driveflex-specific information, those interested can visit and

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