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Malloy Rotates to 360

Sioux Falls company partners with SEW Eurodrive

Malloy Electric, the corporation and associated machine shop based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, announced a new coalition with global market leader SEW EURODRIVE called the 360-degree partner program. In simplest terms, the partnership "promotes three ideals in both companies: the commitment to bring the most outstanding service, knowledge, and energy to new and existing customers," according to a press release sent to EA.


“It is an exciting time. As Malloy expands into new markets and geographies, the best partners like SEW-EURODRIVE become significantly more important. Not just because of the growth but also because of the rare commitment to jointly serve the customer. We will do something amazing!” - Rainer Blickle, VP of SEW EURODRIVE.


“As the first 360-degree partner in the Midwest, the collaboration between Malloy and SEW-EURODRIVE underscores a shared vision for excellence between the companies. For Malloy’s customers, the partnership lets us focus on innovation, reliability, and efficiency, advancing production and reducing downtime, increasing the bottom line” – Colin Bretsch, VP of Malloy Electric.


SEW-EURODRIVE plans to roll the 360-degree partner program out to a small select group of distributors in the coming months, learning a great deal from early adopters like Malloy as the co-created journey ensues.

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