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MiSalud: To Your Health

Startup uses AI software to help with language barrier in medicine

Many of our readers will be pleasantly surprised to hear that there's a Latino-founded startup in California looking to bridge the health equity gap in the US:

The startup, which has been recently featured on Forbes and Univision 34, "is looking to make medical services accessible to all Latinos," Enrique Partida, the company's "Head of Growth" told Electrical Apparatus. MiSalud uses AI software to help bridge the language and access barriers in U.S. medicine.

MiSalud’s mission— to "disrupt the healthcare industry and democratize medical care for the US Hispanic community"—is backed by Magnify Ventures, Chris Sacca's Lowercase Capital, Ulu Ventures, and Rise Capital. For those companies with a significant number of Spanish-speaking employees at the plant or shop, MiSalud's bilingual services could be worth looking into:

"MiSalud is the only digital health platform in the United States that offers immediate video or chat consultations with Spanish-speaking doctors and health professionals," Partida says. "Our average wait time is less than 3 minutes and our monthly fee for unlimited consultations is lower than the copay for an average single consultation. MiSalud helps improve your employees' retention, attendance, and overall well-being."

Those interested can get started easily and immediately. Video consultation appointments and chat services are available on the company's website from 7 AM to 9 PM daily.

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