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Mitsubishi acquires Canadian robotics company

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, provider of factory automation solutions, announced a strategic investment in Clearpath Robotics, the parent company of autonomous mobile robot manufacturer OTTO Motors, via press release May 12.

With more than 4 million hours of production experience, the Kitchener, Ontario-based OTTO Motors’ pioneering autonomous mobile robot (AMR) technology and award-winning software are used by Fortune 500 companies to deliver productivity and safety in material handling operations. The investment expands the strategic relationship between OTTO Motors and Mitsubishi Electric, and strengthens the two companies’ commercial collaboration.

“Industrial automation is continuing to transform businesses around the world. As a globally-trusted leader with a strong mission to invest in continuous technological innovation and ceaseless creativity, Mitsubishi Electric has been an important partner for OTTO Motors. We are proud to have their continued support and share a vision to accelerate industrial automation globally. We look forward to pursuing the tremendous opportunity ahead,” said OTTO Motors' CEO & Co-Founder, Matt Rendall.

"The relationship between Mitsubishi Electric and OTTO Motors is built upon years of respect and trust. OTTO Motors is well positioned to become a leader in industrial autonomy. We see a bright future ahead for OTTO Motors and are honored to support their continued success,” said Mitsubishi Electric’s Chief Strategy Officer, Satoshi Takeda.

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