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Our last word search was so tricky, we stumped ourselves

If you're not familiar with the EA puzzles, comics, and word searches, let us draw your attention to the most popular breakroom activity in our print magazine.

Our April 2022 issue featured a word search so tricky, we even stumped ourselves! We left some clues out and placed a letter incorrectly. For the corrected version, please click here!

Our apologies to the many crossword and word search warriors out there. We're grateful to have our puzzlers contribute. Members of our staff, including Dick Nailen, have contributed to these over the years, and we've featured some of the all-time best, including Myles Mellor, who's known on YouTube as "the Crossword King":

Electrical Apparatus has also been producing the classic Cy's Super Service comic strip (pictured below) for over 50 years. Our man Cy, the electrical service industry’s most prominent curmudgeon, is drawn by Tim Oliphant. Check out the website of 'Mr. Ollie' here!

And of course, Moe, Genny and Friends (pictured below) , occupying the surreal world where an anthropomorphized motor and generator have been joined by wind turbines and other electrical components, is drawn by John D'Acunto. Check out John's social media pages here:

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