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Robert R. Kennedy Remembered

Longtime friend of the industry, one of EIS original eleven sales engineers

Robert R. Kennedy, a very good friend of the industry who supported Electrical Apparatus and EASA for decades, has passed away. He was 84.

Bob Kennedy with his wife, Ann.

Mr. Kennedy, an electrical engineer, was widely known and highly respected within EASA and among OEM electrical manufacturers, utility companies, and by his peers and clients.

“Bob was one of the original eleven or so EIS sales engineers working for the Schoens, who owned EIS,” said Kevin M. Sheehy, a former colleague, referring to Lloyd, Charles, and Brooks Schoen.

Sheehy added that Kennedy was “widely known” to many repair shops, utilities companies, and OEMs in the Southeastern U.S., as that was his sales territory at EIS for many years. Bob then left EIS to develop his own company “covering the USA for selling equipment to the electrical industry,” said Sheehy. He remained connected to EIS in a consultory manner. Upon closing his business, he was hired by Sheehy (the CEO of Von Roll at the time) as an executive for Von Roll, and was responsible for its North American client base, marketing and selling composite materials that Von Roll manufactures.

Bob eventually finished his career as a marketing/sales individual for EHV Weidmann, covering the U.S.A. for machined and fabricated parts business before retiring from that company.

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