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Tragic Factory Accident

North Carolina plant suffers "unthinkable tragedy" related to machinery

In a reminder of the importance of safety protocols around machinery, a 22-year old woman was tragically killed in an accident at a North Carolina facility this past Saturday.

Automatic Rolls of North Carolina (Northeast Foods).—Google Maps photo

Officials said Bibiana Arellano Delabra, 22, was operating a large industrial mixing machine at the Automatic Rolls (Northeast Foods) bread factory Saturday afternoon in Clayton, N.C., when “something went wrong” and crushed her.

Investigators from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are looking into the incident. Northeast Foods is one of the largest suppliers of buns, rolls and bread products in the U.S. In its statement, the company said it will work with OSHA throughout the investigation.

“We are devastated by the accident that occurred over this weekend that resulted in the tragic loss of one of our employees,” the company said. “We remain committed to working with OSHA and all pertinent parties to conduct a thorough and comprehensive investigation into this unthinkable tragedy.”

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