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Vibration Institute's 2024 schedule is here

The Vibration Institute has released its schedule for next year. You can view the full schedule in calendar format here (along with the remainder of 2023's courses) but we'll also provide a round overview below.

February: Houston, TX

March: Knoxville, TN

April: College Station, TX

May: Naperville, IL (Chicago area)

June: New Orleans, LA

August: Covington, KY (Cincinnati area)

October: Houston, TX

November: Chattanooga, TN

December: San Diego, CA

Each location is offering a different collection of its CAT I through CAT IV courses. Click the link here to see specifics if you are unable to read the postings below.

Participating in a Vibration Institute Training course can offer various benefits for individuals and professionals in industries related to machinery, maintenance, and reliability. Here are some potential benefits:

  • Access to Resources: Our training courses provide participants with resources such as course materials and reference books These resources can be valuable for ongoing learning and implementation.

  • Stay Current: Machinery technology and diagnostic techniques evolve over time. Vibration Institute Training courses are designed to keep participants updated with the latest industry trends and best practices.

  • Problem-Solving Skills: Vibration analysis training equips you with critical problem-solving skills. This extends beyond machinery issues and can be applied to various aspects of professional life.

  • Global Recognition: The Vibration Institute is a respected organization in the field of machinery reliability world wide. Completing your training course with us can be recognized internationally, enhancing your career mobility.

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