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Wabtec's Superteam

Pittsburgh transit giant adds to its bulky portfolio

Wabtec Corporation announced today it has acquired Super Metal, a Brazilian supplier of automated vehicles and equipment for rail operations.

In the sports world, Wabtec would be what's known as a "Superteam"; a collection of stars with proven track records joined via acquisition. Formed by way of the merger of Westinghouse Air Brake Co. and MotivePower Industries Corp. in 1999, Pittsburgh rail giant Wabtec fit this description from its nucleus. In the 23 years since then, the corporation has only continued to add large, profitable businesses such as Super Metal to its roster. Super Metal is one of the leading Brazilian companies in the maintenance of way segment in the rail industry. This acquisition complements last year's Nordco acquisition and adds to Wabtec's behemoth stature in the railway industry—especially its international imprint.

“Super Metal's solutions and equipment for railway maintenance of way have synergy with Wabtec’s Services portfolio,” said Danilo Miyasato, President & Regional General Manager of Wabtec in Latin America. “The combination of these solutions will enhance our maintenance portfolio and offer our customers increased safety, productivity, and reduced operating costs.”

Bernardo Zeferino, President of Super Metal added, “This deal highlights a lifetime of work from an entire family and boosts the Super Metal's capacity to deliver innovative solutions to the market. We are excited with this new chapter as a Wabtec business.”

Super Metal has nearly 30 years of experience supplying diverse automated vehicles and maintenance equipment that include vehicles for rail and tie maintenance, as well as railcar movers. The company also specializes in machining, services, development, and project execution for day-to-day operations of railroads throughout Brazil.

“Super Metal is a great addition to our maintenance of way portfolio. Their differentiated road to rail solutions will accelerate our international growth in key regions such as Latin America, Asia, and Africa,” said Pascal Schweitzer, Group President of Wabtec’s Global Freight Services.

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