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Electric repair service center opens new 34,000 square foot facility

Renown Electric announced a new large-scale electric motor and generator service center this week. This 34,000 square-foot facility focuses on the repair and refurbishment of large rotating machines, and it is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment that enables a full complement of services to meet all kinds of rotating equipment needs.

Renown, headquartered in Vaughan, Ontario, is a team made up of electro-mechanics, engineers, winders, and technicians, as well as a support team of quality control, procurement, health and safety, logistics, and administrative personnel.

The main feature of the new service center? Its size.

Renown says it can now "provide quality repair and refurbishment services for large rotating machines."

The opening of Renown Electric’s new large motor and generator service center allows the company to expand the scope of its capabilities both in-shop and in-field, with offerings such as:

  • AC Motor Overhaul, Repair, and Rewind

  • AC Generator Overhaul, Repair, and Rewind

  • DC Motor and Generator Overhaul, Repair, and Rewind

  • Mechanical Repairs and Machine Shop Services

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Rotor Rebar

  • High & Medium Voltage Rewinds to 13.8kV

  • Full Formed Coil and Rotor Pole Manufacturing for AC & DC

  • Electric Testing Services

Also, the workshop layout and design "ensures contamination and foreign particle control," which is critical when working with high-voltage motors and generators. Renown already had nearly 40 years of experience in electric motor and generator repair and replacement, and its new facility now aims to expand on that foundation by handling large-scale motors, generators, and other rotating machinery.

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