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City Machine Technologies promotes and celebrates safety

From left: Brian Zachetti, industrial safety consultant specialist at Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation; Karen Wright, safety manager for Compco; and Claudia Kovach, vice president, City Machine Technologies Inc..

Claudia Kovach, known to many readers of Electrical Apparatus for her leadership role at City Machine Technologies, was in the spotlight at the Mahoning Valley Safety Council Leadership Awards luncheon, Thursday, May 9. At the event, held to honor businesses and individuals who have made significant contributions to workplace safety in Ohio's Mahoning Valley, Claudia presented the Joan Kovach Safety Leadership Award to Columbiana-based manufacturer Compco, a supplier of ASME and Non-Code tank heads and tank accessories, known in the Valley as "America's leading tank head supplier."

The safety award was first issued in 2007 in honor of Claudia's mother, Joan Kovach, who died in a hiking accident in 2006. The owner of City Machine Technologies Inc., Joan was a dedicated safety advocate whose legacy continues to inspire safety initiatives within the Mahoning Valley and beyond. The award is designed to recognize companies who make safety a priority, with special attention to those who transform high risk areas into safe environments for workers.

The winner of this year's award, Compco, is an industry leader with a storied history. As told on the company website, "Clarence Smith Sr. founded the company in 1952… yet his true start in business came at age 10 when, as a homeless orphan in Youngstown, Ohio, he found shelter with a local grocer. Clarence spent his days learning about business as an apprentice to the shop owner and, at night, he slept in the basement."

Today's Compco is a state-of-the art, modern manufacturing environment, and one where safety is a high priority. From first day orientation, new employees must take and pass inspector training. All employees take part in monthly safety sessions. weekly meetings, and ongoing electronic communications. Team members are encouraged to contribute their own ideas for safety improvement, and high-tech equipment has been installed for warnings and protection systems.

Following up on the luncheon, the Business Journal of Youngstown Ohio published a glowing report. Read the full article here.

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